The key to have a better transcription is to improve the quality of your audio. This means that you need to have a high quality audio to enhance the accuracy of your transcripts.

This is true for both automatic and manual transcription. Can you imagine how painful it would be transcribing an audio with grainy sound and overlapped voices? The struggle is real and it would result in errors and difficulties in picking up the specific words of the recording.

Here are 7 tips that will help you to increase your audio quality!

The room acoustic is essential

Choose rooms that have a minimal echo or it will negatively affect the sound quality.

Use a high-quality microphone or recording device

This tool will really make the difference between a high quality audio and a poor one. If you are having a lot of interviews in your job, you would be willing to invest in a good quality recorder. Otherwise, if you do it occasionally, also your phone would be a valid device.

Microphones have to be placed strategically throughout the room (close to the speaker if possible)

In order to have a good transcription you should be sure that every word is captured. Place your microphone as close as possible to the speaker and in all the key locations.

Make sure your recording device is properly working

Testing the microphone is the best practice that allows to avoid technical issues and to better place it throughout the room.

Pay attention to overlapping conversation and background noise

If you are interviewing multiple speakers, make sure their voices do not overlap, kindly asking them to speak one at a time.

Moreover, if you are recording in your office or home you can easily control machines’ noise turning them off if you don’t need them. Let other people in the building know that you are conducting an interview to avoid interruption.

Choose the right format

The ideal formats for a high quality audio are M4A, MP3 and WAV.

Use a sound editor if needed

If the quality of the audio is not the best one you can still rely on sound editor that can remove the echo or reduce the background noise.

Now that you have your high quality audio, try LSTN to transcribe your interview. Our AI based transcription software will instantly convert your audio into text that you can search, share, and use to create great content.

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