Ever found yourself struggling to remember the exact point in the interview where your character said a particular something that struck your mind?

Ever tried to memorize all the interviews by heart or sifted through the same audios over and over just trying to find something important to build your story?

If yes and you are looking for a solution to save you time and mental energy that can be focused instead on making your story shine even more, then look no further!

Welcome to LSTN, the transcription service for the movie and media industry.

LSTN not only converts your interviews in text immediately, but creates a fully searchable archive of transcripts that you can easily search in to find the part of audio/video that you are looking for.

Never again spend plenty of time pausing, playing and skipping through your material (unless you want to) when the only thing separating you from your content is a simple CONTROL+F (or Command+F if you are on a Mac).

If you want to try it yourself, signup at www.lstn.xyz, transcribe your interview then CMD+F and type the keyword you are looking for and LSTN will highlight the exact piece of content you need (text and audio are always in sync!).

Would love to hear your feedbacks.

Happy transcribing!