24 Feb 2020

Word like text editing experience

Today is a great day. After weeks of hard work we just released a completely revamped text editing experience, making it even easier for you to review your transcription faster and easier.

From now on you can edit the text of your transcription as you would do in a normal word editor.

  • Inline editing: click on any word and use the cursor to edit a letter or the entire word
  • Enter to create a new paragraph
  • Delete to remove a single letter
  • Possibility to strikethrough a word, highlight it, and much more

This is just the beginning, stay tuned!

18 Feb 2020

Subtitles export .SRT

Do you want to subtitle a video? now you can, easily with LSTN. After the transcription is done, click on the "Save As" button and export it in Subtitle SRT format ! That's simple.

10 Feb 2020

Transcription language: PORTUGUESE (BRAZIL)

LSTN now supports Brazilian Portuguese as a transcription language.

3 Feb 2020

Transcription Description

Sometimes we all need to remember when we recorded a certain audio, who was there, what were the settings, or maybe just add some generic notes about the file.

You can now do all that in LSTN. Just click on the "Type here description" placeholder, and write just about anything you want. It will always be there for you to look at.


Especially in long transcriptions it is very useful to put some parts into the spotlight.

To do that you can leverage on our newly released Highlight functionality. Select a section of the text (drag and drop on the words with your mouse or use Shift+arrow_keys) and:

  • Click the highlight button in the action bar on top of the navigation
  • Press CTRL/CMD + H on your keyboard

Highlighted text has a yellow background. Pressing again the highlight button will remove the highlight.

New! You can now also export only the highlights. Click the SaveAs button and select 'highlights only' from the dropdown, then Save!

23 Jan 2020

Transcription language: GERMAN

LSTN now supports German as a transcription language.

Transcription language: FRENCH

LSTN now supports French as a transcription language.

Player Speed

Need to speed up the audio playback? Now you can, using the speed dropdown. Select the desired speed and hit the play button. As simple as that.

18 Jan 2020

Transcription language: ITALIAN

LSTN now supports Italian as a transcription language. Did someone say "Mamma mia"???

Transcription language: SPANISH

LSTN now supports Spanish as a transcription language. You can choose between a Spanish accent from Spain and a Spanish accent from Latin America.

InApp notifications

After initiating the Export / SaveAs process, LSTN will notify you of the current status and will inform you in case any error occurs.

Support chat & knowledge base

Contacting our support team is now even easier. To get in touch log in into your LSTN dashboard and click the chat icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Ask: Our support personnel will answer your queries instantly and will send you a transcript of the chat at the end of the conversation. Feel free to write us in English, Italian and Spanish.
  • Search: Easily find the answer you are looking for among our FAQs.

To read more about all the product updates visit the relevant blog section: https://blog.lstn.xyz/tag/product-updates/

When ready to try LSTN out, Signup at http://app.lstn.xyz/