Making a documentary is definitely, definitely, not an easy task. From researching to interviewing, from editing to post producing and ultimately distributing, there are so many things at play, and so many things that can make you lose time and focus.

And then, while handling all this complexity, it always comes that moment in which for some reason or another you need to transcribe something.. all the pre-interviews or interviews you have done, the final movie for subtitles, and so on and so forth.

Hours and hours of vocal records that will chain you to your desk for the whole month. Such a waste of your personal time just to be sure to keep in line with the schedule, not to mention the loss of sleeping hours. Anyway, you need to get this job done, so you start listening to the records and transcribing them manually: play; pause; play; pause; play; and again pause. Hours later (for each single hour of video) you have the transcription as well as a numb hand, a headache, and zero motivation left!

Now, is there any way to run away from this torture?!

Sure, you could hire someone to transcribe it for you but it is very expensive and absolutely risky in case the transcription is not finalized on time.

Or you could use some generic transcription software (dictating to Google Docs or to Siri, anyone??? :) and then spend the remaining two hours copy pasting and trying to fix each badly transcribed word.

We have been in these shoes many many times and that’s why we decided to fix it, once and for all. That is why we built LSTN.

LSTN is an AI transcription service, specifically created to automatically transcribe your interviews. It does what you expect it to do: it recognizes accurately the words in your audio or video file, it shows them to you in a text editor like format, it allows you to edit it and share it, and most importantly, it saves you A LOOOT of time.

And by a lot of time, we are not only talking about hours, but in a context of a full fledged feature length documentary we literally mean weeks. What it would take you a month in manual transcription, LSTN can do it in minutes.

We built LSTN tailored on the specific needs of the film industry because we know what you feel, we know that time makes the difference and that, while transcribing things is (or better, was) a pain, it is and will always be an essential part of doing what we do best: tell beautiful and engaging stories.

Save yourself some time to storytell and give LSTN a try with our Free Trial on